• Séisme en HAÏTI : Rappel des sites où faire un don



    Comme vous pouvez le voir dans les média, depuis le 13 janvier, le séisme de magnétude 7 que a frappé Haïti a déjà fait près de 250.000 morts, plus de 300.000 bléssés et autant de disparus, 1,5 million de sans abris, des villes entières ont été détruites, des milliers d'enfants n'ont rien mangés ni bu depuis plus de 5 jours, vous pouvez faire quelquechose en envoyant un don à une des diverses associations de solidarité :







    Yelé Haïti ( Wyclef Jean)



    SOS HAÏTI http://soshaiti.virtuo.ca/fr/Dons_45.html

    CCFD-Terre Solidaire


    CCFD-Terre Solidaire - Urgence Haïti                                            4, rue Jean Lantier 75001 - 01 44 82 80 00 


    Ordre de Malte France
    42 rue des Volontaires 75015 Paris.

    Unicef urgence Haïti- BP 600- 75006 Paris

    Logo Vivre debout Handicap international

    Handicap International / Urgence Haïti. 69361 Lyon

    Croix-Rouge Française

    Croix-Rouge française "Séisme Haïti" - 75 678, Paris cedex 14

    Secours Catholique


    Secours Catholique
    - BP 455 - 75007 Paris   

    Médecins Sans Frontières

    BP 2000

    Action contre la faim


    Action contre la Faim -URGENCE HAÏTI-

    Libre réponse 64 731


    SOS Enfants




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    Post Scriptum : Vous pouvez envoyez des messages de soutien à Anne-Marie Moukala-Cadet, qui se rendra en Haïti pour aider du mieux qu'elle pourra, en tant que médecin.

    Son mail : amoukala@juno.com 

    Son Organisation : https://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/Giving/Haiti_Donation/

    (Il s'agit de la mère de Kathy et Brianna, de petites haïtiennes, c'est l'auteur du livre Kathy and Brianna learn to speak Duala)

    Les Haïtiens ont besoin de votre soutien et de vos prières.

    L'union fait la force...

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    Jeudi 21 Janvier 2010 à 14:57
    Chers frères et s½urs dans le Seigneur,

    Je vous invite ce dimanche à une prière spéciale pour Haïti que nous organisons ce dimanche à l'église Presbytérienne de ville Mont-royal sis au 1491, boulevard Laird. (non loin du rond point terminus autobus 165: Côte-des -neiges). Ce service est bilingue et débute à 11 heures comme d'habitude.
    Pour s'y rendre en métro- autobus:
    Descendre à la station de métro Cote-des-neiges ou Guy Corcordia. Ensuite prendre l'autobus 165 : Côte-des-neiges. Descendre au terminus. L'église est à 5 minutes environ à pieds de là.

    Pour s'y rendre en auto:
    Prendre Côte-des-neiges- Traverser Jean-Talon et tomber sur le boulevard Laird- Continuer sur Laird jusqu'au rond point terminus autobus 165. L 'église est à 1 minutes environ de là.

    À titre de votre information: Cette église de ville Mont-royal est une église presbytérienne dont la majorité des membres sont africains. Ils viennent aussi bien du milieu anglophone que francophone d’afrique; voilà pourquoi nos services sont bilingues pour le moment.

    Je vous invite donc à venir célébrer avec nous pour une bonne cause.

    Les passages bibliques qui feront l'objet de la prédication seront tirés des livres suivants: Néhémie8: 1-3, 5-6, 8-10; Psaumes19; 1Corinthiens12: 12-31a et Luc4: 14-21. (Prosper B. Votre serviteur)
    Jeudi 11 Février 2010 à 22:39
    Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to update you on our progress with our new primary care clinic in site soleil, haiti. We open our doors on Monday Feb 8 2010.
    Pastor Leon who own the clinic, sent his people into the community to select sick patients. Since it was our first day, we schedule to see only 50.
    Across the clinic, there is another clinic that was so overloaded after the earthquake, that it is now only seeing pediatric patients. The Doctor in that clinic is a Haitian Doctor, his specialty is ENT but he is forced to do primary care due to the shortage of Physicians in the country. His name is Dr. Danilo Charles, he is a very kind person. We set up to meet with him early prior to starting clinic because we wanted to discuss with him the most common pathologies seen. He informed us that 50% typhoid fever, 20% malaria, 15% diarrhea, 15% scabies. He has a lab in his clinic that could run basic lab tests. We were initially told that if a patient needed a lab test, the cost would be 2 USD per test, Samaritan's purse gave of a money to cover for these test, so patients don't have to spend any money.
    The rest of the team were very grateful of all the medicine donated by United Health Services, my hospital in Binghamton, the medicine pretty much filled the shelves of our pharmacy, the selection of medicine was perfect because most of them can be found locally. This is very important for continuity of care.
    On the first day of clinic, patients were very anxious to be seen, but very polite and organized., allergy like symptoms, runny noses and itchy eyes, were the most common, scabies, and musculoskeletal pain were also common. We also saw some fever and diarrhea. We had to end clinic early on the first day because we had to attend a cluster meeting held at the United Nation compounds about all healthcare organizations that are helping with the relief effort. John, Lul ( a pediatrician from Honduras), and I attended the meeting. when we arrived at the UN site, if was like a tent city itself, so many organizations have settled in the area, each one had a tent with its name on it, a few on that I saw were, UNICEF, OMS, CDC, to name a few.
    The tent was so packed that we couldn't hear the speaker. We wanted to attend the primary care meeting which was supposed to start at 4:20. During the meeting, the Haitian minister of health was asked to speak, and he mentioned that the focus now is no longer on trauma, but it should now be on Primary care. He was grateful of all the organizations that have come to help Haiti but he wanted every organization to be registered, and to mention what, and where they were stationed. The focus now should be on mobile clinics, he wanted prevention of disease. A pilot immunization program was started but was not successful, the goal is to develop a protocol for all clinics to follow so we could successfully help Haiti. The clinics also need to know which hospital are in their surrounding for referrals. The Haitian main Epidemiologist called Dr. Malgoire spoke about which suspected diseases should be reported, he gave a list of suspected reportable diseases including, typhoid, malaria, acute respiratory illness, acute hemorrhagic diarhea, tetanus, dengue fever etc... he mentioned if any of the following diseases are suspected, there is a number to call, they will send their team to collect the specimen for testing. The time was up, and there is a follow up meeting on Thursday. We had a lot of questions to ask, but we have to wait until Thursday.
    Today was our second day of clinic and our pharmacist felt very sick this morning, Debbie had a bout of nausea, vomiting and Diarrhea, We advised her to rest and keep herself hydrated today. Kelly the RN had to be the Pharmacist today and also gave Tetanus booster shot.
    We vaccinated 60 patients today. we saw a total of 100 patients today. the most common symptoms today was rash, scabies was the most common diagnosis. We put Dr. Malgoire program to the test today, when we had a 49 y/o lady who presented with fever on and off, malaise, abdominal pain, insomnia and muscle aches for 1 month. She also had nausea and vomiting and was so sick that she was dragging herself to walk. Kelly quickly started an IV and we gave her some IV fluid, we reduced her fever with tylenol and call Dr. Magloire who sent a phlebotomist
    to collect her blood for culture and other labs. I suspected thyphoid fever, it could also be malaria or Dengue, it will take a few days to get the results
    She felt better after the fluid.
    It is getting late and I need to get some rest for tomorrow. I'm finally practicing my creole. Eldad will be shocked to hear me speak when I come back. We had a special treat today for dinner, we had cabri, acra, banane pese, rice and beans and fresh mango and watermelon for dessert.
    Have a goodnight, may the Lord bless You and please continue to keep us in your prayers.
    P.S. We received comforting and encouraging letters from high school kids from North Carolina, All the Samaritan's Purse teams were very pleased to read them. We could use all your supports. If you want to see some photos of all the work Samaritan's purse is doing in Haiti, please go to www.samaritanspurse.org.
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